Mens 105 Club

Posted on: 4 June

Starting from Wednesday 5 June we have a new ‘105 Club’. This is for golfers in D Grade who have a total of 105 or more when their handicap is added to their age. Those in the 105 Club have the option to play off the yellow social tees in all competitions except the Monthly Medal. On Sundays when we only have two grades, players can only be in the 105 Club if their handicap is 25 or higher. The yellow tees are optional, 105 Club members can play off the normal competition tees on any holes they like during their round. There is no other change, all that 105 Club players need to do is notify their playing partners at the commencement of their round that they are qualified to optionally use the yellow social tees.


Age 69, handicap 36 = 105/D grade – qualified

Age 80, handicap 25 = 105/D grade – qualified

Age 70, handicap 34 = 104/D grade – not qualified (total less than 105)

Age 82, handicap 24 = 106/C grade – not qualified (not D grade)

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